Kenzie Randolin’s Encounter with the Ultraviolent Junglist

“He tears men limb from limb. Just brutal – I – I couldn’t move, I just watched as he tore my entire company apart. It wasn’t my comrades’ horribly mangled corpses that struck me horror, though, but his eye. It was human, filled with an indescribable pain. What manner of beast or sorcerer took a man and warped him into the horror that is the Junglist?” – The account of Basildorn, 1253 WY

After hearing this account, I decided to venture into the Dark Forest myself to investigate the rumors of the Ultraviolent Junglist. I brought with me several Singing Boys by the names of Lucky, Sammy, and Ben. The Boys make very useful companions for spotting danger and as bait for Shadow Crawlers. We were accompanied by a member of the Watch of the Great Tower, Sergeant Marley Penderton. I brought with me my staff and wand, a bag of my finest spell ingredients, and a few francs in my pocket. I also brought a scroll of teleportation prepared by ArM. Telephor, very useful in dangerous situations such as this.

I also hired the help of a companion by the name of Greeno, a member of the species of Gnomus Gnomus. In exchange for a 12.2 gram shard from the Glittering Caves, he offered to be my guide and scout during the journey through the Dark Forest.