Type: Aid, infinite ft (infinite wizard meters), infinite pitches, Grade VIII
FA: No known ascents – one known levitation by ArM. Kenzor Randolin.
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This route ascends from the bottom of the bottomless pit. This route is for very advanced aid climbers because the climbing is always difficult and scary. The walls of the pit are a completely sheer surface like glass – there are no handholds, no cracks to place protection, and drilling or hammering pieces is nigh-impossible due to the uncanny hardness of the rock. A fall will result in certain disintegration and eternal torment of your soul. Multiple parties have bailed after the first double rappel. Do not fall during the so-called "soul-melting gap" just below the 11th pitch. Furthermore, keep your eyes shut during the “Home of the Watcher” pitch – The Watcher will take over your mind and cause you to attack your belay partner. All pitches are unrelentingly steep, challenging and long. None of the pitches have good views – 99% of the climb is done in pitch blackness, with no possibility for light (even magical light) due to a Curse of Eternal Darkness during the entire route. A fully independent topout makes this a must do for those who quest for the gnar. Expect lots of Pit Fiends on this route. This is only a 5.4 in my gym.


Hike 252 miles NNE into the Forgotten Realm, following the sound of a faint whistle. This whistle will get louder and deeper as you approach the Bottomless Pit. The pit is bottomless, meaning that this route starts with an infinite rappel. Once you get to the bottom of the route, try to build an anchor (if the Pit Fiends do not kill you first).  


  • Atleast four dozen of each size beak, plus 20 micros
  • Quintuples cams small to #2, including offsets, Doubles to #5
  • All the hooks (100)
  • 240 heads or so
  • 84 arrows, why not
  • 60ish rivet hangers
  • Five scrolls of teleportation
  • Two scrolls of “Banish Evil”
  • Three scrolls of “Summon Alex Honnold”