Download the Dark Forest Bonus Pak here:

contains all custom transitions, edits, and censors made for the Dark Forest live broadcast

Season 1

Featuring edits from Digital Hardcore and Vaporwave.

(55.82 MB, .zip)

Season 2

Featuring edits from Shoegaze, Experimental Hip Hop, Ska Punk, Chiptune, Glitch Pop, and Dreamdance.

(266.75 MB, .zip)

Season 3

Featuring edits from Boston Underground, Glitchcore, Folk Punk, Garage Psych, and Crescendocore.

(182.7 MB, .zip)

Season 4

Featuring edits from Boston Aboveground, Industrial, Mashcore, Dub Tehcno, Funk, and Escape Room.

(245.2 MB, .zip)

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